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Worm Farms – Which one is right for me?

Having been a vermiculturalist for many years now I have seen many different types of home and commercial worm farming systems. They all have their place and are designed for particular purpose and use. The thing which disturbs me most is that many people buy their worm farm then come to me for advice and […]

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Compost Worms

Compost Worms – Earthworms – Field Worms There is much confusion and misconceptions about compost worms, what they do and how. So here is the lowdown: Types of Worms When looking at ‘earthworms’ there are two basic types of worms : Compost Worms These are generally small red worms. They occur naturally in forested areas […]

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How to start a basic worm farm

A great way to get started worm farming is to start a basic worm farm. You can use many things for your worm farm. Click the link to download instructions for starting a worm farm using recycled fruit boxes. This is the cheapest, easiest and most effective way to get started worm farming. Visit our […]

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Swag Worm farm

Worm farming made easy

What could be more simple than using one of The Earth’s natural systems to keep nutrients circulating. Here is a step-by-step guide to simple effective worm farming. 1.There are many different styles of worm farms on the market. Simplicity and practicality are important. Also consider the needs of capacity, space and climate. We recommend SWAG […]

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Swag Worm Farm brochure

To download your SWAG Worm Farm brochure click the link below. SWAG BROCHURE

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Composting with Worms

How do worms work?? For information on composting with worms and to download your Composting with Worms brochure click the link above or below. New Composting with worms

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Worm Farming At Home

“How do worms work”? “Buy Compost worms online”? To download your Worm Farming brochure click the link above or below. New Wormfarming Brochure

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