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Promised Land Worm Products is a family run vermiculture business. It was started by Kate and Andrew Sommerville in 1998, to supply compost worms primarily for domestic worm farms on the east coast of Australia. We do also design, supply and install commercial vermiconversion systems for business or public applications. We also supply vermicompost and liquid vermicast to our local market.

Kate and Andrew are consulting vermiculturalists and are committed to educating individuals and organisations about the uses and benefits of compost worms, and have set up numerous schools and community gardens.

Our worm farm is located in the ‘Promised Land’ near Bellingen on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales.

We supply compost worms for both commercial and domestic applications. For commercial applications please contact us to discuss your project requirements.

For domestic applications, compost worms are an age old solution, for processing organic waste into a value added fertiliser. They provide a method for contributing to the ‘nutrient cycle’ by processing waste from your garden into a fertiliser, perfect to go back onto your garden.

There are many ways to use compost worms for this purpose. The simplest systems are compost piles or windrows on the ground. These are cheap and easy to set up, work well and are easy to manage. The draw back is that you can’t catch the worm juice (leachate) and sorting the worms out of the castings is time consuming (sunshine and shovel method). At the other end of the scale are commercially available worm farms, which are more expensive to buy and set up, but much easier to harvest your products from.

We have available a range of options to suit your needs and budget, check out our products.

We post worms packed in vermicompost when we receive an order so they are at your place fresh and hungry.

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