Composting with Worms

How do worms work??

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I have been using your worms now for nearly 4 years and very happy with the worm farm although I had trouble harvesting out of the swag so I stopped using it ! Occasionally I have problems with compost maggots, the large dark ones. Can you give me some advice on what to do when I get them and how to prevent them coming.

Hi John
Vermin are attracted by smell. The worm farm will smell if the ph gets out of balance and it goes acid. The flies can smell it long before we can. Use ag lime or dolomite, sprinkle a small handful on top of the worm farm or compost and then water it in so it leaches through the material. The smell will disappear instantly, if not repeat until it does. Watch for flies as it is an early indicator of ph imbalance. The lime will not kill any maggots already in there, but will deter flies laying any more in there. Only way to get rid of maggots is to wait (21 days life cycle till pupate to become fly) or just have to pick them out.
Regards – Andrew

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