1000 Compost Worms (inc postage)


1000 compost worms to start your worm compost or small worm farm. Price includes GST and postage. Buy now!


1000 Compost Worms, top up your worm farm, start a small wormfarm or start off your worm compost. All prices include GST and freight to your door.


These are red worms, tiger worms and blue worms, all great composters. They will consume at least half their body weight each day. They breed rapidly and will double in numbers every three months in good conditions. Composting with worms converts your waste into a great high value plant nutrient. Have fun.

Upon receipt of your order, worms will be packed fresh in vermicompost and dispatched within 5 days. Please allow another 3 to 5 days for postage. You can track your order on the web site, or contact us if you have any questions.

If you use Paypal for payment you benefit from Paypal’s buyer protection (Read More). Our success depends on you getting happy worms. Happy worm farming!!