Don’t Cook your Worms

Well here on the Mid North Coast of NSW it has been a lovely hot summer. Great if you can get out of the heat into air conditioning or the water. But what about your worms??

Rapid temperature change is one of the greatest threats to your home worm farm. The worms can cope with a temperature range between 5 C and 30 C. This is the temperature of the mass not the air temperature. What they can’t cope with is when that temperature changes rapidly.

This summer has seen a number of days well over 40 C. So what can you do to protect your worms in this heat:

  • When selecting a worm farm choose the one with the largest mass, and not one that separates that mass into separate trays or boxes.
  • Consider the materials used to construct the worm farm. Black plastic boxes are the worst material on hot days. White foam boxes offer insulation from the heat.
  • Keep your worm farm completely out of the sun in summer. Worms have no eyes but are light sensitive. Site your worm farm totally out of the sun, but close to your kitchen (food source).
  • Regularly water your worms in summer to ensure a consistent moisture level.
  • Do not harvest too much castings during periods of hot weather.
  • Try feeding wet paper or other materials that hold lots of moisture.
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Happy worm farming 🙂